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Use of ICTs in the Management of Scientific Information in Health Professionals.

EasyChair Preprint no. 10431

10 pagesDate: June 21, 2023


The creation of the web and its development guaranteed that people would have an interrelationship with hypertext information, with the consequent need to know how to manage and organize all this search. Teachers must be part of this training, using information and communication technologies. The objective of this work is to determine the behavior of health professionals from the Miguel Enriquez Faculty of Medical Sciences in the use of ICTs in the management of scientific information. An observational, descriptive study was carried out, an opinion sample and by feasibility of 20 professors. Logical historical methods, analysis and synthesis, empirical and statistical methods were used. The results showed that all the participants did not use bibliographic managers in their research because they did not know how to use them, they showed difficulty in the citation and referencing rules. At the end of the course, all the trainees were trained to make a correct use of the managers. All the results were compared with the national and international bibliography. Demonstrating that the course provided the possibility for professors to learn the use of ICTs for their scientific development once the remaining editions of the strategy have been completed, the professors of the Miguel Enrique faculty will have an information literacy that guarantees them a greater scientific activity.

Keyphrases: Alfabetización Informacional., gestor bibliográfico, Información, Tecnología

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