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Comparative Analysis of Strength and Deformation of Reinforced Concrete and Reinforced Concrete Slabs

EasyChair Preprint no. 3389

3 pagesDate: May 12, 2020


The results of experimental studies of the steel fiber influence on the bearing capacity, deformability and crack resistance of reinforced concrete multi-hollow plates are given. We investigated a serial floor slab and a similar one, but with the addition of steel fiber. Both plates are factory-made. For testing, the testing apparatus was designed and manufactured that made it possible to study full-size floor slabs in laboratory conditions. The tests were carried out according to a single-span scheme with the replacing equivalent load. The loading was carried out by applying two concentrated strip vertical loads along the plate width. The load was applied in steps of (0.04 ÷ 0.05) from the breaking load. Each stage ended with exposure lasting up to 10 minutes with fixing all the necessary parameters. Deformations were measured using dial gauges. From the moment the first crack appeared in the stretched zone of concrete, the process of crack formation and opening was monitored. At each level, using the Brunell tube, the width of their opening and height were measured. The moment of cracking in both slabs began at the same relative strain. It has been established that the bearing capacity and crack resistance of a slab of combined reinforcement using steel fiber are respectively 50 and 44% higher than that of a similar reinforced concrete slab. The maximum deflection of the slab of combined reinforcement is 37.5% lower than that of conventional reinforced concrete. The destruction of both slabs occurred under loads, when the relative deformations in the compressed zone of concrete reached 0.80×10-3 and 1.10×10-3 for reinforced concrete and steel-fiber concrete slabs, respectively, the difference is 37.5%.

Keyphrases: crack, Deflection, fiber, Materials, slab, strength, Sustainable

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