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Offer and Demand Portal for Residential Services

EasyChair Preprint no. 4568

19 pagesDate: November 15, 2020


This academic paper deals with the need to create an internet portal aimed at facilitating communication between residential service professionals and customers who need this service. Some factors point to the project's feasibility, such as the massive use of technology to support day-to-day activities and the difficulty of finding service providers for certain purposes.

With daily changes due to the coronavirus pandemic, people spend more time at home and identify things that can be changed or improved, but it is not always possible to make these adjustments with their own hands. At this moment, a tool that helps in the search for service providers for the execution of these small works is more important.

On the pages that follow, some information about the construction industry is displayed, about the search for information, among other related and relevant subjects. A field survey was also included that highlights the need for a communicability channel, with exposure of the results obtained. It will be possible to find a comparison between some services in the same industry that are already available in the market, from which it is possible to identify points of inspiration and the lack of some features, which highlights the need for a more complete portal, to meet the demand satisfactory. At the end, a solution model for the problems discussed is presented, which will be developed over the next few months, with adjustments as necessary

Keyphrases: Civil Construction, communication, Home services

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