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Optimization of Cow Dung Biogas by Prioritizing Community Empowerment to Support Sustainable Water Resources Management

EasyChair Preprint no. 8488

8 pagesDate: July 16, 2022


Water is a basic necessity of human life on this earth. In accordance with its use, water is used as drinking water, bathing, washing, for irrigation of agriculture, sanitation, transportation, both in rivers and in the sea. Household waste is one of the sources of pollution, including animal husbandry waste which results in water pollution so that there is a decrease in water quality levels that can be used by humans. (Marsudi, Journal 2012).

The Citarum River flows through the Canning District which is famous for producing cow's milk and products made from raw milkThis milk production is produced from cattle farms. This cattle farming activity causes river pollution problems because there are still many cattle farmers who dispose of river animal manure.

As a calculation if one cow emits manure weighing an average of 15 kg per day, while in Pangalengan there are around 20,650 cows, so that animal manure discharged into the river ± 113,058 tons / year.

In order to reduce citarum pollution from animal waste, one of the activities carried out by PJT II is to empower the community through the "BIOGAS" Project, where the Pilot Project has been carried out in Padamukti Village since 2017.

The biogas program has succeeded in reducing pollution due to cow dung by ± 3,295.95 tons / year. The results of biogas are used by the community to improve welfare, namely LPG Gas Savings of an average of 3 tubes (3 kg) or Rp. 90,000 , and by-products in the form of bio slury, vermicompost, etc. worth Rp. 438,000 per household every month which can be used as an impetus for the program to continue to be sustainable. 

Keywords: Community Empowerment, Pollution, Biogas and Sustainable

Keyphrases: Biogas, calculation, pollution, Sustainable, water

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