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Use of the Kinovea Software to the Pitching Technique in Baseball.

EasyChair Preprint no. 10060

18 pagesDate: May 10, 2023


At present, the sport develops simultaneously with the advances of science and technology; Executing a skill well can make the total difference between winning a match or not; where the use of biomechanics plays a fundamental role, which ensures the bases for true technical training. For this reason, the execution of the technique is so important. This research addresses the problem: How will be the behavior of the pitching technique in starting pitchers of the La Isla team through the use of the kinovea software? To respond, the objective is: to apply the kinovea software to the pitching technique in starting pitchers of the La Isla baseball team from an aerial view. The following methods were used: documentary review, scientific observation, interview and video analysis technique, with the help of a drone; which allowed to measure magnitudes and assess the behavior of the characteristics that the movements executed by the pitchers under study have. The measurement technique was used; through filming and cinematic processing with the use of Kinovea software. The sample consisted of eight subjects, divided into three athletes, two coaches and three researchers. Allowing to determine the characteristics of the step distance, angle that the throwing arm forms with respect to the head, height of the ball approaching home plate, speed of the ball executed by the pitchers investigated with the use of the software.

Keyphrases: Biomecánica, lanzadores, pitcheo, software, Técnica

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