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Cloud Computing Trends. Challenges for the Evaluation of the Quality of Services

EasyChair Preprint no. 11003

16 pagesDate: October 2, 2023


It is currently impossible to conceive of a form of digitization that does not have a large part of its base based on cloud infrastructures. The benefits and capabilities such as the supply of services on demand, their elasticity, flexibility and supply of computing resources, currently constitute the paradigm of digital transformation. The present work addresses as a fundamental objective, an evaluation of the main trends in Cloud computing, as well as the most relevant challenges to face its implementation. Statistics are highlighted, which demonstrate the accelerated evolution of this technology at the international level, as well as the challenges that adopting it represents in Cuba. From an exhaustive bibliographical analysis, supported by sources of great impact, information of high statistical value is collected and its analysis, the object of study of the evaluation of quality in the Cloud is proposed, taking into account the results expressed.

Keyphrases: Cloud, Quality, service

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