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Result of Survey on Sufficiency and Supply of Biology Studies for Secondary Schools

EasyChair Preprint no. 7466

11 pagesDate: February 15, 2022


 To assess the reliability of the data, the Kronbach alpha coefficient for each group of variables was calculated using SPSS 21.0. The Kronbach alpha coefficient of the survey data is 0.936 for all data, 0.935 for each variable, 0.935 for physical representation, 0.982 for physical representation, 0.96 for visual representation, and 0.61 for experimental data, indicating high reliability of the survey data. When the factor test was performed using the KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin) method, the KMO (Kaiser-Meyer-Olkin) was 0.962, indicating a strong correlation between the variables in the study. According to the results of the survey on the use of biology classrooms, 18.5-46.6 percent of 292 teachers do not study biology classrooms, and 11 percent study regularly, which shows that the use of classrooms is insufficient. Considering the reasons for not teaching biology in classrooms, 34.9 percent of respondents said that there are not enough classrooms, 32.8 percent do not have professional classrooms, 17.8 percent do not have enough teaching materials, and 11.3 percent do not have classrooms due to the large number of children. Due to these four factors, the results of the survey show that biology teachers are not able to study in classrooms. According to the results of the survey, in addition to preparing and using teaching materials independently and jointly, teachers need to support teachers in establishing professional classrooms at the primary, basic and secondary levels of education, and create conditions for classrooms. Key word. Printed, physical, equipment, tools, electronic

Keyphrases: electronic, equipment, physical, Printed, tools

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