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Theoretical Contributions to the Integration of Higher Technical Education in Chile's Innovation System.

EasyChair Preprint no. 6290

20 pagesDate: August 14, 2021


The enactment of Law 21.091 on Higher Education in Chile has led Higher Technical and Professional Education (ESTP) to take a more active role in the national innovation ecosystem, and to incorporate in their agendas the necessary activities for this purpose. In this sense, the national innovation survey reveals a series of gaps in the system that can be addressed by the ESTP, such as cooperation to innovate, lack of qualified technical personnel and lack of information on new technologies. In parallel, a series of public policy instruments have been enacted in Chile, which orient the development of CSP towards innovation. However, they are mainly oriented towards training and not towards the realization of concrete technological development activities or their transfer. In this sense, this paper presents some preliminary proposals for actions that can serve as a starting point for future academic studies in the area, with emphasis on technology diffusion and increasing absorptive capacity, with the aim of increasing innovation, mainly in Small and Medium Enterprises.

Keyphrases: Ecosistema de innovación, Educación Superior técnico Profesional, Innovación

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