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Numerical and Experimental Study of Cross Ventilation in a Room of a House in the State of Morelos

EasyChair Preprint no. 9209

7 pagesDate: October 31, 2022


This article presents a numerical-experimental study of cross ventilation in a room in Morelos, Mexico. Air changes per hour and thermal comfort inside the room were evaluated. Numerical simulations were performed with ANSYS Fluent software. To obtain experimental data, the construction of a data acquisition card developed in the Arduino system was carried out, later the room under study was instrumented. The experimental results were used to validate the numerical temperature results at three different points within the room, obtaining a mean percentage deviation of 0.26. In addition, hourly air changes in the room were found to be adequate. However, thermal comfort conditions for the occupants were not achieved. It is recommended to combine cross ventilation with another ventilation system.

Keyphrases: Arduino System, Crossed ventilation, Experimental boundary conditions, experimental study, numerical simulation

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