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Benchmarks for the Formal Verification of Power Systems

18 pagesPublished: December 13, 2022


Benchmark proposal: Safe renewable energy systems are becoming increasingly impor- tant to combat climate change. Electric utility companies often use conservative approaches to feed in renewable energy to ensure a safe operation due to a lack of advanced analysis techniques. So far, mostly simulations are used in practice to safeguard the system against certain contingencies, which cannot provide guaranties. While so-called direct methods based on Lyapunov functions potentially provide formal guarantees, they are not really used in practice due to the difficulty of finding Lyapunov functions of larger models. How- ever, we believe that reachability analysis can be conveniently used to ensure correctness, because it can be performed automatically without expert knowledge. To analyze the state of the art in this important application area, we provide a tool that automatically gener- ates benchmark problems from a given system description. We also provide problems of different difficulty and for different types of analysis, namely transient stability analysis, verifying regions of attraction, and verifying robustness against uncertain power demand and production. Exemplary solutions of benchmark problems are shown as well.

Keyphrases: benchmark, differential-algebraic equations, formal verification, power systems, region of attraction, robustness analysis, transient stability

In: Goran Frehse, Matthias Althoff, Erwin Schoitsch and Jeremie Guiochet (editors). Proceedings of 9th International Workshop on Applied Verification of Continuous and Hybrid Systems (ARCH22), vol 90, pages 26--43

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