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Polymorphic+Typeclass Superposition

15 pagesPublished: July 5, 2015


We present an extension of superposition that natively handles a polymorphic type system extended with type classes, thus eliminating the need for type encodings when used by an interactive theorem prover like Isabelle/HOL. We describe syntax, typing rules, semantics, the polymorphic superposition calculus and an evaluation on a problem set that is generated from Isabelle/HOL theories. Our evaluation shows that native polymorphic+typeclass performance compares favorably to monomorphisation, a highly efficient but incomplete way of dealing with polymorphism.

Keyphrases: polymorphism, superposition, theorem proving

In: Stephan Schulz, Leonardo de Moura and Boris Konev (editors). PAAR-2014. 4th Workshop on Practical Aspects of Automated Reasoning, vol 31, pages 105--119

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