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Social Mindset Restructuring: A Critical Requirement for Implementing Maritime Autonomy

9 pagesPublished: January 5, 2024


Industrial Revolution 4.0 is changing the interaction between humans and intelligence technology that carries systemic implications to distinctive elements of our social life. The paper discusses the implications of societal dimensions of expanding maritime autonomy by focusing on how the human mindset at social and individual levels allows the opportunity for change. In this paper, we introduce the theoretical framework of Social Mindset Restructuring, hereafter referred to as (SMR), as a critical requirement for understanding the societal dimension of implementation of maritime autonomy in the near future. This study is part of a larger research project examining the human element as a core in developing national maritime identity, in which collective mindset restructuring is essential. The SMR provides an effective tool to study how humans will interact with intelligent machines and systems and how society at the individual and collective level understands, embraces, takes part, and evolves with the change. The authors argue that MASS and maritime autonomy as part of Industry 4.0 is more than a mere technological development but a social evolution as it completely redefines the work and how human interact with technology. The successful implementation of maritime autonomy, as part of Industry 4.0, requires the restructuring of not only the maritime community but the society at large by adapting the social mindset the role of technology in the industry and how humans interact with smart machines. We develop the SMR as a theory within the socio-cultural and cultural- historical theoretical lens such as Cultural Historical Activity Theory (CHAT). SMR suggests that people are required to be enculturated through both formal and informal education to have the opportunity to be exposed to and experience relevant activities related to Maritime 4.0 and MASS. The careful design of infrastructure and social activities to provide opportunities for public exposure, involvement, and experience of people with maritime domain will lead to development of related social consciousness and mindset. At the individual level conscious people develop a maritime identity which is crucial in their understanding and involvement with the implementation of the evolving technological advancement in Maritime Autonomy.

Keyphrases: Industry 4.0, Maritime Autonomous Surface Ship (MASS), Maritime Autonomy, Maritime Policy, sociocultural perspective

In: G. Reza Emad and Aditi Kataria (editors). Proceedings of the International Conference on Maritime Autonomy and Remote Navigation 2023, vol 2, pages 44--52

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