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Analyzing State Highway Agencies’ Project Management Organizational Structures

9 pagesPublished: June 9, 2021


Project management organizational structure plays an important role in state highway agencies as part of a network of complex relations that links a project management unit (PMU) and subject matter experts (SMEs) to tasks and resources for project development and aligns the functions for project management strategy. However, there is a lack of studies that studied the project management organizational structure of state DOTs in terms of the relative position of the dedicated PMU with other functional offices and the authority level of project managers (PMs). Thus, the primary objective of this paper is to analyze the state DOTs’ project management organizational structures and recommended practices of organizational structures for project management. This paper conducted, a survey, an extensive content analysis, and interviews with PMs and SMEs in state DOTs. The primary contribution of this study to the overall body of knowledge is the insights of state DOTs’ organizational structures by conceptualizing the relationships among the PMU and functional offices within the organization and identifying the state of practices in project management organizational structures.

Keyphrases: organizational structure, Project Management Organization, state of practice, Transportation project

In: Tom Leathem, Anthony J. Perrenoud and Wesley Collins (editors). ASC 2021. 57th Annual Associated Schools of Construction International Conference, vol 2, pages 173--181

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