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CORALSE: Design of a Corpus of Spanish Sign Language

10 pagesPublished: November 28, 2016


The approval of the law for the recognition of Sign Languages and its subsequent development (together with the laws enacted by the regional governments and the work of universities and institutions such as CNLSE) has changed the landscape of the research activity carried out in the field of SL in Spain.
In spite of these social advances, a corpus of Spanish Sign Language (LSE) has not yet been compiled. The average Sign Language corpus is traditionally composed of collections of annotated or tagged videos that contain written material aligned with the main Sign Language data.
The compiling project presented here, CORALSE, proposes: 1) to collect a representative number of samples of language use; 2) to tag and transcribe the collected samples and build an online corpus; 3) to advance in the description of the grammar of LSE; 4) to provide the scientific background needed for the development of materials for educational purposes; and 5) to advance in the development of different types of LSE.

Keyphrases: CORALSE, informants, normalization, sign language

In: Antonio Moreno Ortiz and Chantal Pérez-Hernández (editors). CILC2016. 8th International Conference on Corpus Linguistics, vol 1, pages 111--120

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