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CheAPS: a Checker of Asynchronous Parameterized Systems

2 pagesPublished: June 22, 2012


We present CheAPS, the checker of asynchronous parameterized communicating systems. It is a set of tools for verification of parameterized families F = M_n of finite-state models against LTL specification S. Each model M_n from a family F is composed of a fixed number of control processes and n processes from a fixed set of prototypes. Given a description of a family CheAPS generates finite-state models M_n and checks if one of such models can be used as an invariant of the family. As soon as an invariant is detected it is model checked by Spin to verify it against a specification S. If Spin completes the verification successfully, then all the models of F satisfy S.

We are going to demonstrate an application of CheAPS to several examples: Chandy-Lamport snapshot algorithm, Awerbuch distributed depth-first search algorithm, Milner's scheduler, and the model of RSVP protocol, where invariants were detected successfully on that models by our tools. The project homepage is\~konnov/cheaps/. It is available under BSD-like license.

The full version of the abstract is uploaded.

Keyphrases: model checking, parameterized, tool, verification

In: Andrei Voronkov, Laura Kovács and Nikolaj Bjorner (editors). WING 2010. Workshop on Invariant Generation 2010, vol 1, pages 128--129

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