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4 pagesPublished: February 11, 2018


This system enables the user to experience Suika-wari play in augmented reality world. Suika-wari is a Japanese popular play commonly played by the seaside in summer. The main player tries to hit a watermelon (suika) with a stick while being blindfolded and surrounding players indicates the position of the watermelon only with the voice.
In this system, the visitors play either roles of the two players. The players share the same augmented reality world where a watermelon is placed. Original play usually uses only one watermelon, but we offer the joy to hit as many watermelons as possible during a certain period.

Keyphrases: Augmented Reality, optical signal transmission, shared virtual space

In: Akihiko Shirai, Laurent Chretien, Anne-Sophie Clayer, Simon Richir and Shoichi Hasegawa (editors). ReVo 2017: Laval Virtual ReVolution 2017 "Transhumanism++", vol 1, pages 7--10

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