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Gesture Control Virtual Mouse

EasyChair Preprint no. 7531

5 pagesDate: March 12, 2022


In todays technological era, many technology are evolving day by day. One such promising concept is human- system interface. For example, in a stressed out mouse there is no provision to increase restriction. In wi-fi mouse, one must have Bluetooth hardware installed within the laptop and Bluetooth dongle attached. The proposed era will haven't any such boundaries and could alternatively depend on gesture recognition. In this mission, operations like clicking and  dragging   of objects may be achieved with different hand gestures.  The  proposed  gadget  will  only  require  a webcam   as   an input tool. The software program’s that will be required to put  into effect  the  proposed  machine  are  opencv and  python. The output of the digital camera may be displayed at the machine’s display screen so that it may be in addition calibrated by means of the user. The python dependencies  that  will  be  used  for implementing  this  machine  are  numpy, math, wx and mouse. In this paper, we present a singular approach for human computer interplay (hci) in which cursor motion is controlled using a real-time camera.

A manner to control the Position of the cursor with the bare palms  without  using  Any  digital  tool.  While  the  operations like clicking And dragging of objects could be accomplished with  special Hand  gestures.  The  proposed gadget will handiest require a Webcam as an input tool. The software’s that will be Required  to  put in  force  the  proposed machine  are  opencv And python. The output of the camera may be displayed on The system’s  display screen  so that it could be similarly calibrated by means of the person.

Keyphrases: control, gesture, mouse, virtual

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