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Magnetic Devices for Improving (R134a) Refrigerant Properties

EasyChair Preprint no. 6021

6 pagesDate: July 5, 2021


The mechanical vapour compression cycle is employed in the process of cooling food products in refrigerators, which are used in both commercial and home appliances. Optimization for better system performance has become a major concern, and numerous studies are still underway to increase the system's efficiency. The major goal of this project is to increase the performance of residential refrigerators in the evaporator is flooded with liquid refrigerant The magnetic field is put on the refrigerator line to achieve this goal (exit of condenser). The refrigerator's performance is compared with and without a magnetic field. In addition, there is a refrigerant analysis (R134a). The addition of a magnetic field improves the system's COP and refrigeration impact, according to the findings. With the installation of a magnetic field, the system also benefits from a reduction in compressor effort. According to the literature, the introduction of a magnetic field improves performance by lowering the viscosity of the fluid, increasing flow rate, and thus cooling capacity while lowering compressor power.

Keyphrases: Compressor power consumption, COP, Magnetic caloric effect, permanent magnets

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