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Smart, Reliable, and Secure Systems for Emergency Management and Crisis

EasyChair Preprint no. 10470

2 pagesDate: June 28, 2023


The idea behind the Internet of Things (IoT) is to connect not only people and computers but also smart things like sensors, actuators, and control systems, enabling them to share and process data over the internet. IoT systems are valuable for emergency management because they can collect data from various smart objects, facilitating centralized decision-making. However, challenges related to operational safety and security must be addressed to ensure the reliability of IoT in critical applications. The objective of this thesis is to tackle these challenges by proposing a mechanism called the 2S-bag (safety-security bag), extending the rules checking from the already known Safety-bag components to both safety and security. This proposed mechanism continuously monitors and verifies safety and security requirements, thereby enhancing the reliability of IoT systems.

Keyphrases: Attack scenario identification, defensive mechanisms, fault tolerance, IoT Healthcare, safety, Security, vulnerability assessment

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