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The True Side of TIME TRAVEL

EasyChair Preprint no. 8149

15 pagesDate: May 31, 2022


TIME TRAVEL, This word amazes many of us who are showing a keen interest in it. "TIME TRAVEL is like an ocean of infinite depth, the more we go deeper the more we get lost." First of all, there is absolutely no need of Time Travelling, we already are Time Travelling in the forward direction at a rate of 1 sec./sec. In this paper, we have not only discussed TIME TRAVEL in a very detailed way but also provided some methods by which we can "actually" TIME TRAVEL to the future or the past. But Time Travelling to the past doesn't seem right to many of the scientists in this field, because even if we "assume" or "imagine" Time Travelling to the Past, we always end up with some paradoxes. Like the most common paradox the we heard of is - The Grandfather Paradox. In which, we assume that how killing my own grandfather could affect my existence, which will ultimately lead to a paradox. And in this paper, we have given our "own research" on the solution to this paradox. But that's just not that, we have even many more paradoxes, which is more and even more confusing. We have not only talked about - Time Travel Paradoxes, but we have also given some methods to "actually" Time Travel into the future. (Not the Past yet). Like we could use a wormhole to travel to different spaces and at different times, that's the Time Travel. Or we could use the suspended animation technique, which will stop our bodily processes and will be restarted later at some point in the future, and hence reaching the future. In this paper we have discussed every aspect of Time Travel, its possibilities & non-possibilities, and if so, then why. We do believe that Time Travel is Possible, not now, not tomorrow, but someday, some point in the future. TIME TRAVEL WOULD BE POSSIBLE!

Keyphrases: Grandfather Paradox, Time Machine, time travel, Time Travel Paradoxes, wormholes

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