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Innovative Float Over Installation Approach via Portable DP Vessel

EasyChair Preprint no. 3436

13 pagesDate: May 18, 2020


Topsides float over installation is not new in the industry but the method and technology in executing the float over operation varies and keep improving to increase project efficiency and cost effectiveness. Each method comes with own technical and operational challenges which determine its feasibility and suitability for the project.

A Deck Transportation Vessel (DTV) was upgraded with DP2 capability by adding two portable azimuth thrusters to allow safe and efficient topsides float over installation. Sea trials and annual DP trials were conducted in ensuring DP functionality and performance in compliance to Class requirement. 

The operation required high precision engineering and execution considering the close proximity between topsides and existing living quarters platform during the vessel approach towards the Jacket. Additional control measures were taken for safe execution. DP checks were conducted based on certain intervals while approaching the jacket. The topsides installation commenced at first daylight on the 22 May 2017 and successfully completed by noon.

This paper aims to highlight the float over methodology for the topsides using portable DP2 vessel and the technical challenges for offshore execution. The activities during the float over operation, analysis and simulation methods are also presented in this document.

This paper should be an interest to those who will perform the offshore installation via float over method utilizing Portable DP Vessel.

Keyphrases: DP2, dynamic positioning, Float Over, portable

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