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Environmental Monitoring System Using IoT and Cloud Service at Real-Time

EasyChair Preprint no. 968

7 pagesDate: May 5, 2019


In this paper, we have proposed an Internet of Things (IoT) based on a real-time environmental monitoring system. Internet of Things (IoT) plays an important role in today’s world through a vast and persistent system of sensor networks concerned to the environment and its parameters. This system deals with monitoring and controlling important environmental conditions like temperature, humidity and CO level using the sensors and then this data is sent to the cloud. This information can be accessed from anywhere over the internet and then the sensor data is presented as graphical statistics in a mobile application. This paper explains and presents the implementation and outcome of this environmental monitoring system which uses the sensors for temperature, humidity and other environmental parameters of the surrounding area. This data can be used to take remote actions to control the conditions. This can also be used to send notifications. The collected data is pushed to the cloud storage and an Android application accesses the cloud and presents the results to the end users. The system employs an Arduino UNO board, DHT11 sensor, ESP8266 Wi-Fi module, which transmits data to AWS IoT Core cloud services using MQTT. An Android application is created which accesses the cloud data and displays results to the end users.

Keyphrases: Arduino UNO board, AWS IoT, AWS IoT Core, Cloud, cloud service, environmental monitoring, Environmental monitoring system, Internet of Things, IoT core, mobile application, nodemcu microcontroller, real time weather monitoring, sensor network, weather monitoring system

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