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Development of Rationale Building Model to Improve Quality of Lecture and Value Patriotism Internalization

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5 pagesDate: November 19, 2020


The lecture on Basic Concepts of Politics and State Defending so far has not yet reached maximum quality. Lectures have not utilized the value education approach, in this case, lectures should be able to foster intelligence of thinking as well as internalize values. "Character building" in the next generation is an important issue. Currently, political life and a sense of nationalism and patriotism in the attitudes and behavior of citizens is very alarming. The object of this research study is; the quality of lectures, the development of models and the internalization of the value of patriotism.

 This research was designed using a research development approach. Data collection techniques are observation and interview. Data analysis uses qualitative data analysis techniques. The results of the study were obtained; (a) Rational Building Model which originally consisted of five syntaxes, after being developed into nine syntaxes, (b) The developed model can improve students' rational abilities when faced with a situation of conflicting values that are taking place in the life of the nation and state, (c) This Rational Building Model can also improve the quality of lectures. Conclusions The Rational Building Model has been developed from five steps to nine steps. The use of this model makes students demonstrate analytical skills and rational thinking skills in small group and class discussions.

Keyphrases: patriotism, Quality, rational Building

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