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Adaptive Control and Simulation Research on Dynamic Tensioning Force for Tracked Vehicle

EasyChair Preprint no. 10381

8 pagesDate: June 12, 2023


Tracked vehicles have been widely used in transportation and military fields, and track tension mainly affects track reliability. Stable track tension can extend the service life of the track and improve the off-road performance of tracked vehicles. In order to maintain stable track tension during vehicle operation, we established a theoretical estimation model for track tension. The dynamic analysis of various components of the track tension device was conducted, and the theoretical calculation formula for track tension was derived. The theoretical calculation results were compared with the results of multi body dynamics simulation, verifying their consistency. On this basis, an active control system for track tension was designed based on fuzzy PID (proportional -integral-derivative) control theory, using a co-simulation mode of RecurDyn and Matlab. It was found that the control system can quickly and accurately achieve the desired track tension. Compared with traditional track tensioning methods, the fuzzy PID control system can effectively reduce the dynamic track tension of the track in the contact area, and has a significant effect on suppressing the vibration of the vehicle body and the impact load of the track on the supporting roller, improving the stability of the tracked vehicle during driving.

Keyphrases: co-simulation, dynamic analysis, Fuzzy PID, mathematical model, Track tension

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