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Survey on Young Users' Preferences for Using Online Travel Guide

EasyChair Preprint no. 8753

10 pagesDate: August 30, 2022


OTA (Online Travel Agency) refers to the practice of travelers making online or offline purchases of travel-related goods and services through travel services, i.e. Each tourism entity can market or sell its products through the Internet. The advent of OTA in the travel sector has increased the share of online promotion and information dissemination in tourism sales, delivering tourism services in a larger and multi-level way. This is due to the rapid growth of mobile network innovation. More and more young users are choosing to use their mobile devices to book travel products, find travel tips, etc. However, research on the behavior of young users using online travel tips is still incomplete. We used a questionnaire survey to collect 110 valid samples of data and analyzed them through descriptive statistics. Through the study, we summarised the focus and preferences of young users in using online travel guides and made suggestions on the functions and design of the current online travel guide app.

Keyphrases: mobile applications, Online travel strategy, questionnaire research, user needs, Youth

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