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Surface Modification of Selective Laser Melted Ti Metal for Biomedical Application

EasyChair Preprint no. 10041

18 pagesDate: May 9, 2023


Selective Laser Melting (SLM) is an additive manufacturing (AM) technology gaining more popularity in the biomedical field, because of its advantage with complex geometry and minimum post treatment requirement. In the biomedical sector, it become an apposite strategy for the development of customized metallic implants mimicking to native bone structure, medical surgical tools, and biomedical instruments etc. SLMed titanium (Ti) and Ti based alloys (majorly Ti6Al4V) are commonly used worldwide for orthopedic and dental applications. Even though they can mimic the innate bone structurally, their ability to integrate with the surrounding cells was ultimately determined by their surface properties such as surface composition, roughness, topography, and surface energy. These surface properties are the major candidates which trigger the initial biological responses of an implant like the binding of proteins, activation of signaling molecules and cell adhesion. The present study focuses on surface modification of SLMed Ti based porous scaffolds by acid treatment using a mixed acid solution (H2O: HCl: H2SO4) followed by anodization. Subsequently electrodeposition of cerium was attempted over the scaffold surface. Thus modified surface was analysed by various characterization techniques and respective biological properties were also evaluated.

Keyphrases: Acid treatment, Anodization, Electrodeposition, Selective Laser Melting, surface modification

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