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An Exploratory Study on Self-Sovereign Identity Powered by the Blockchain Technology

EasyChair Preprint no. 5484

11 pagesDate: May 8, 2021


The current state of Digital Identity Systems is fractured among service providers. Users must duplicate their identity information across services, which reduces overall accessibility and increases the likelihood of privacy breaches. Users have no knowledge of how their data is being misused by providers and they have little real influence of it. The concept of Self Sovereign Identity(SSI) has emerged, promising to usher in a new era in which the individual, and only the individual, has complete autonomy over their identity records, with clear support for a user - controlled data storage facility. With the introduction of Blockchain technology, the concept of self-sovereign identity has gained traction, and it is expected to have a significant impact on how internet users communicate in the future.

Keyphrases: Distributed Ledger Technology, Ethereum Blockchain, identity, Identity Management Systems, profile, Self-Sovereign Identity, smart contracts, Verifiable Credentials

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