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A Study on Emerging Creative Industry from Creative Ecosystem Viewpoint

EasyChair Preprint no. 8648

16 pagesDate: August 11, 2022


Compared to other sectors, the creative industry is one of the industries with reasonably rapid development, which continues to rise. As the research background, this paper compares the development of these two creative industries (modern and traditional) in Jakarta. This paper aims to discuss the spatial planning relationship on creative industry development from a creative ecosystem viewpoint. This comparison study between modern and traditional creative industries will enhance the academic research on Jakarta's creative industry. This paper took four cases study in Jakarta. Firstly, M Bloc Space in South Jakarta and the Pos Bloc at Pasar Baru in Central Jakarta as modern creative industries. Secondly, the Tofu and tempeh local culinary complex in West Jakarta and PIK-Pulogadung in East Jakarta as traditional creative industries.

The purpose of this research is to clarify the relationship between spatial planning and creative industry in Jakarta and discusses how spatial planning can contribute to creative industry development from a creative ecosystem viewpoint.

To achieve the result and conclusion, this research study is using the qualitative method. The qualitative method is conducting an interview with the stakeholders as primary data for research design combined with the government website, papers, and documents as secondary data. This research uses Qualitative Content Analysis to identify spatial relationships with the creative industry in the case study’s area.

Reflecting on the comparison result in the case of the emerging creative industry in Jakarta shows the gap between modern creative space and local creative space. The modern creative space become emerging and more attractive for citizens. The creative space has a decent place to spend time and share creative, innovative thoughts, this condition is also supported by a good environment with good accessibility. The surrounding area is also renovated and pedestrian friendly.

Keyphrases: creative industry, Creative Space, culture, Heritage, identity

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