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IOT Based Health Monitoring System for Comatose Patients

EasyChair Preprint no. 7507

4 pagesDate: February 26, 2022


Coma is a state of unconsciousness where the patient fails to respond. These patients need utmost care and 24*7 observations. This paper presents a continuous monitoring and recording of patient data without human intervention. If there is any sudden changes occur in the normal range of body parameters such as body temp falls or rise, blood pressure (B. P.) increases or decreases causing high or low B.P. where both are not stable conditions for better health, then it has facility to automatically alert the medical person. The movement sensor detects the patient movement and also generates an alert message to the medical person. As comatose losses their sensation for urination, medical person needs to continuously monitor urine output, thus we are using ultrasonic sensor to check on urine level. Medical person can keep the track of patient using login to the system.

Keyphrases: Bloodpressure sensor, Comatose, Health Monitoring System

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