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Review of Housing Policies With Thrust on Urban Poor, Case Study of Jaipur

EasyChair Preprint no. 5094

10 pagesDate: March 3, 2021


The rise of ghettos might be considered as the side-effect during the process of urbanization in a creating nation like India.Urban areas are the engines of monetary development which add to the crucial changes in the general public prompting financial turn of events and modernization.The urban areas,regardless of their size, give all prospects of different occupations and aggregate administrations,and along these lines go about as significant purpose of advancement openings.Jaipur being a noticeable job in the economy of the state,urban populace, particularly the urban helpless countenances difficult issues because of populace pressure,weakening in the physical condition and personal satisfaction.These insufficiency have effects especially on the urban poor.The size and spread of ghettos around there not just assist us to recognize that it isn't adjusted and obsessive marvels on the urban setting yet in addition a declaration of urban neediness that is yet overwhelming in the urban economy in India.

Keyphrases: Housing, urban poor, Urbanization

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