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Improvement of the Curriculum to Ensure the Accreditation and Globalization of the Mechatronics Engineering Program at Ricardo Palma University

EasyChair Preprint no. 4217

8 pagesDate: September 19, 2020


The present investigation determined that the update of the competences, the technological advances, the deadlines that the university law regulates and the standards of the accrediting entities contribute to the improvement of the curriculum ensuring the accreditation obtained and the inclusion in a global education of the mechatronics engineering, Faculty of engineering (FI) at the University Ricardo Palma (URP). The stated objective explains that the professional profile of the graduate determines the relation of subjects, number of hours and credits, as well as the adequate infrastructure of workshops and laboratories allows the adequate development of the academic processes and that the properly selected competences for each of the subjects guarantee the approach of relevant content. The theoretical reference is based on the concept of "Curriculum" of Glazman and Ibarrola (1978), who argue that the curricula can be organized by subjects, areas of knowledge or modules, any of the options implicitly has a conception of man, science, knowledge, practice, school-society relationship, learning and teaching and professional practice. The study population corresponds to the Professional School of Mechatronic Engineering, School of Engineering of the URP. The results were evaluated with stadigraphs descriptive evaluation indicators and correspondence Hypothesis Test / Criterion p-value obtaining a p value 0.039 which determine evaluate the dimensions of the study variables. This the results showed positive effects on improving the curriculum to ensure national and international accreditation in 2023 of the curriculum mechatronics engineers. It is concluded that the improvement of the curriculum is based on the graduation profile, the relationship of the competences with the Curriculum, the lists of each subject, the methodological strategies, the learning evaluation system and the proposal of the new curriculum mesh.

Keyphrases: Accreditation, curriculum, Globalization, skills, teaching learning., teaching-learning

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