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Application of Structured Maintenance Reliability Programme in Oil and Gas Industry - a Case Study

EasyChair Preprint no. 2361

7 pagesDate: January 10, 2020


This paper explores innovative maintenance strategies of equipments to achieve optimum capabilities of equipments at minimum/ reasonable cost in giant Oil & Gas Industry. The maintenance of equipment is required to increase life cycle and mitigate operational risk. Maintenance activities focus on three prime factors of any equipment viz Reliability (of equipment 100%) availability (95% to 99%) and maintainability. In prevailing maintenance practices, RCM (Reliability centered maintenance ) is very common. Reliability and availability are crucial to the success of any project as they underlie the higher order, but less tangible, project requirements for operability and maintainability. The paper discusses about a case study on structured MRP (Maintenance Reliability programme) needs to be put in place starting from planning , scheduling, execution & auditing. The outcome of this paper establishes the relationship among reliability, availability & maintainability.

Keyphrases: Cost cutting is prime factor for competitiveness in industry, execution, maintenance reliability programme is the central point or theme of this paper, Optimum capabilities is very much important to achieve target and efficiency, Scheduling

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