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Design and Development of Solar Umbrella Based on Peltier Effect

EasyChair Preprint no. 1698

4 pagesDate: October 17, 2019


The manuscript proposes socio-commercial heat pumping system from interior to exterior and vice-versa based on the principle of Peltier effect. In this manuscript, an improved topology is proposed to power the thermoelectric devices using solar cells to produce a cooling effect to the user. The same is prototyped in the form of an umbrella that could provide ventilation as well as cooling to the end-user. The solar power is actively tracked using a maximum power point tracking circuit and Peltier plates are employed as the heat exchanging devices. Depending on the direction of the current flow in the thermoelectric circuit, the umbrella can pump heat from the interior to the exterior or vice-versa. The developed design also provides and tests a suitable method to maximize the cooling power while effectively discharging the generated heat, without any use of chemical batteries.

Keyphrases: maximum power point tracking circuit, Peltier effect, Peltier plate, Photo Voltaic, Solar, Thermoelectric

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