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Ecological Footprint Analysis for Regional Development in Mojokerto Regency, East Java Province - Indonesia

EasyChair Preprint no. 368

9 pagesDate: July 23, 2018


Mojokerto regency is a fast growing area on the Gerbangkertosusila region in East Java Province with the estimated population 1,080,389 inhabitants on 2015. The manufacture industry sector contributes 52.15% of GRDP 2015 on the Mojokerto regency. This region has important ecological function because of consists of national parks, disaster-prone, and buffer area for the Gerbangkertosusila region. This study aims to measure the existing ecological carrying capacity conditions consisted of bio-capacity, ecological footprint and ecological deficit. The ecological footprint approach is a calculation to determine the level of ecological environmental balance based on the land use patterns and utilization. This approach measures the level of occupational population against the carrying capacity of the land that is using the quantitative model. The research variables using the size of land area according to the type of land use. This measurement is considering two data sets from 2002 and 2014, to compare and evaluate the regional development based on the ecological deficit condition. The result is the bio-capacity of total land amount 395,118 Gha in 2014, while the bio-capacity is 293,628 Gha in 2002, that is mean an increase up to 35%. The bio-capacity is greatest contributed by the agricultural land with 46%, followed by husbandry land with 26%, and undeveloped land with 16%. It was little bit changed to compare with bio-capacity 2002, of which 60.3% is agricultural land, build up land by 18.9%, forest land by 12.3%, and husbandry land by 8.2%. While the ecological footprint on 2002 are 181,166 Gha, and on 2014 are 318,272 Gha, therefore it increased up to 132%. The conditions of ecological deficit showed in 2002 estimated 101,140 Gha while in 2014 estimated 4,866 Gha. Most of the agricultural land and forestry land have surplus by a considerable margin, and while the area with high population density such as land settlement shows the high level of deficit.

Keyphrases: carbon emission absorption, ecological deficit, ecological footprint, environmental carrying capacity, natural resource, regional development

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