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A Review Paper on Experimental and Parametric Studies of Earth Heat Exchanger (EHE)

EasyChair Preprint no. 9907

12 pagesDate: March 31, 2023


Our civilization consumes 44% of its primary energy on a daily basis, with heating and cooling accounting for the greatest portion. Passive heating/cooling applications have made tremendous strides during the last three decades as a result of several research programmes on the issue. Due to its significant contribution to the reduction of heating/cooling energy loads, the improvement of indoor thermal comfort conditions, and the improvement of the urban environment, ground cooling (particularly earth heat exchangers) has been identified as one of the most intriguing technological research topics among passive cooling/heating applications. This paper offers a detailed examination of current advancements in earth heat exchanger research, methodologies, and technologies that contribute to thermal comfort and energy efficiency in built settings. The review focuses on the essential subject of experimental and parametric investigations examining the influence of their major properties on thermal efficiency and applications. System examples for experimental validation were emphasised. The system parameters were categorised into three groups: system design, soil types, and soil surface coverage. The thermal efficiency of the system was significantly influenced by the system's length, internal diameter, and depth of burial. The proposals highlighted the need for more experimental work with laboratory simulators.

Keyphrases: Earth Heat Exchanger (EHE), heating/cooling efficiency, Indoor temperatures, Outdoor temperatures, Temperature

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