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Flexural and Bond Response of RCC Beam and Cube by Using Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Bar

EasyChair Preprint no. 5477

10 pagesDate: May 8, 2021


This article deals with the results of an experimental investigation on the flexural and bond characteristics response of Glass fiber reinforced polymer material in structural concrete. Glass fiber reinforced polymer bars of various diameters are used in this investigation. the performance of these bars with the full and partial replacement with steel bars is studied. M25 grade of concrete is used for making concrete beams and blocks as the main purpose of this investigation is to use Glass fiber reinforced polymer bars in water retaining structures. The reason behind this is glass fiber reinforced   polymer material is corrosion resistant which can be the solution over the corrosion problem of steel reinforcement getting used in water retaining structures, and it could increase its lifespan. The various strengths considered for investigation are flexural strength and bond strength. Beams of 100 × 100 × 700 mm for flexural strength and cubes of 150mm for bond strength with glass fiber reinforced polymer bars penetrated in it are casted. All the specimens are water cured and tested after 28 days. Flexural strength tests gives satisfactory results with 50% replacement of glass fiber reinforcement. A significant improvement in bond strength is observed in pullout test.

Keyphrases: Bond strength, Flexural response, Glass fiber reinforced polymer, partial replacement of glass fiber reinforced polymer bars, Strength of concrete, Thermo mechanically treated bars, Workability

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