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Quantum Phenomenology as a “Rigorous Science”: the Triad of Epoché and the Symmetries of Information

EasyChair Preprint no. 6140

19 pagesDate: July 23, 2021


Huserl (a mathematician by education) remained a few famous and notable philosophical “slogans” along with his innovative doctrine of phenomenology directed to transcend “reality” in a more general essence underlying both “body” and “mind” (after Descartes) and called sometimes “ontology” (terminologically following his notorious assistent Heidegger). Then, Husserl’s tradition can be tracked as an idea for philosophy to be reinterpreted in a way to be both generalized and mathenatizable in the final analysis. The paper offers a pattern borrowed from the theory of information and quantum information (therefore relating philosophy to both mathematics and physics) to formalize logically  a few key concepts of Husserl’s phenomenology such as “epoché” “eidetic, phenomenological, and transcendental reductions” as well as the identification of “phenomenological, transcendental, and psychological reductions” in a way allowing for that identification to be continued to “eidetic reduction” (and thus to mathematics). The approach is tested by an independent and earlier idea of Husserl, “logical arithmetic” (parallelly implemented in mathematics by Whitehead and Russell’s Principia) as what “Hilbert arithmetic” generalizing Peano arithmetics is interpreted. A basic conclusion states for the unification of philosophy, mathematics, and physics in their foundations and fundamentals to be the Husserl tradition both tracked to its origin (in the being itself after Hidegger or after Husserl’s “zu Sache selbst”)  and embodied in the development of human cognition in the third millennium.

Keyphrases: Epoché, Hilbert arithmetic, Husserl reductions, information and quantum information, qubit Hulbert space

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