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Videotraining and Expert System: a New Peritoneal Dialysis Training Model

EasyChair Preprint no. 5980

10 pagesDate: July 1, 2021


Abstract. Peritoneal dialysis (PD) is a kidney failure replacement therapy based on patients or their caregiver managing self-care of the dialysis procedure at home. In order to perform PD, the patient or caregiver must receive an appropriate period of training, as incorrect performance of the procedure can result in serious complications such as peritonitis. The training ends when the patient is capable of performing all the dialysis procedures, recognizing an infection, and identifying the right solutions for the different complications that may occur. Traditional training is based on the physical presence of a nurse and the patient/caregiver, so it involves a transfer of the patient to hospital or of the nurse to the patient’s home. It is conditioned by space-time constraints in the following ways: duration - location - home visits - methodology. In an attempt to overcome the limits of traditional training, a new training model has been devised by our Center based on three fundamental elements: standardization of the procedure, delivery using Telemedicine (Videotraining), and objective computerized evaluation of learning (Expert System). This paper examines the advantages that Videotraining has over the traditional training method, and the potential that the use of the Expert System provides with regard to the evaluation and customization of learning.

Keyphrases: expert system, peritoneal dialysis, Telemedicine, training

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