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Experimental Investigation of Mechanical and Machining Characteristics of Aramid-Natural Fiber Composite

EasyChair Preprint no. 3721

14 pagesDate: July 3, 2020


Growth of science and technology over the past few decades demands a new and hybrid material to meet variety of purposes. Composite materials are one among those new emerging engineering material which plays a major role in engineering industry. Here, combination of fibers namely Kevlar, neem and kenaf are sandwiched between layers of glass fibers by hand layup method to enhance the stiffness and strength of the laminates which is the conventional way of producing composites. Thus the mechanical properties and behaviors of these samples were identified by Tensile, Impact and Flexural tests. Scanning electron microscopy has been done to observe the morphological changes in the laminate and Also, abrasive water jet machining is done in the laminate by changing the process parameters like traverse speed, pressure and standoff distance. At last ANOVA and Taguchi’s method is done to optimize the parameters.

Keyphrases: Fibers, Hand layup method, mechanical testing, Optimization Techniques, SEM

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