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Using Web 3.0 Apps to stimulate university learners’ participation: ‎SMBUF as a case study

EasyChair Preprint no. 182

5 pagesDate: May 30, 2018


The aim of this quasi-experimental study is to analyze the importance of using funny Web 3.0 Applications inside the classroom to stimulate university students’ motivation, which contributes to active participation and sustain their learning retention. The projects thus dramatizes the extent to which Web 3.0 Apps pave the way for students to remain involved asking, responding, and interacting with their instructors and peers. This small-scale study targeted 90 undergraduate students of English Department at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdellah University in Fes. Sixty students accepted to take part in the study, yet 39 who filled in the questionnaires exhaustively. The informants were taught with the help of some Web 3.0 Apps such as Kahoot, Wheel Decide, Seesaw, and BookWidgets and the project lasted five weeks. Analyses of the questionnaires’ responses prior to and after the exposure to Web 3.0, which were administered to a convenient sampling, revealed that the latter significantly contributes to students’ sustainable active involvement.

Keyphrases: extrinsic motivation, Funny Web 3.0 Apps, intrinsic motivation, learning participation, Learning ‎Retention

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