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Risk Analysis for in-Flight Refueling Missions Between a Jet-Powered Aircraft and Helicopters

EasyChair Preprint no. 10718

7 pagesDate: August 15, 2023


Since the beginning of military aviation, the development of projects and their operation associated with innovation and the assumption of a certain degree of risk. One example was the development of projects capable of carrying out the in-flight reconfirmation operation (REVO). In order to remain at the forefront of international aviation, Brazil invested in developing a jet aircraft capable of performing REVO with helicopters. In this context, the present work focuses on the risk analysis of the REVO operation, based on Safety II, through the FRAM model. A model is presented from the perspective of the Safety I, applying the bow tie and risk matrix techniques to compare and discuss with the Safety II approach. Finally, it was possible to notice that the safety I approach has relevant techniques regarding component failure and automated procedures. However, Safety II complements the analysis, especially when it involves sociotechnical systems, where the human and organizational factors are prominent in operation success. In this sense, the two approaches are complementary and can be used in other similar contexts: modern medicine, machine operation, air traffic management, and others.

Keyphrases: FRAM, In-flight refueling, risk analysis, Safety I, Safety-II

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