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Smart Home Automation using Arduino UNO Rev2 Microcontroller

EasyChair Preprint no. 5797

4 pagesDate: June 15, 2021


This paper presents a concept of design and implementation of modern smart monitoring and control systems for building a reliable system for home automatization. The system is designed to enable the automatization of the home appliances without the use of the internet thus eliminating the process of data collection and offering its users full control over their privacy. The system consists of an Arduino UNO REV2 microcontroller with an inbuilt Wireless Fidelity(Wi-Fi) module, Wireless Sensor Network(WSN), jumper cable with an operating temperature range from -40℃ to 80℃ and a supply voltage of 30 Volts, 4-channel relay board with a supply voltage of 5V and controlled directly by the microcontroller, a custom designed android application named autofy. The electricity flow is controlled and optimized by using an Effective Circulation Control (ECC) algorithm that runs on the microcontroller. The microcontroller communicates with the Android application Autofy over the Wi-Fi medium which serves as an interface that controls the state of the home appliances and also monitors their usage time, and units of electricity consumed. The user can practise seamless control over the appliances in a smart home via the Android application Autofy which is based on Graphical User Interface (GUI) on a smartphone. As the system is not connected to the internet by any means, there is no chance of data collection and thus offering its users full control over their privacy.

Keyphrases: Android, Arduino UNO REV2, GUI, Home Automation, Privacy, Wireless Fidelity, Wireless Sensor Network

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