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ROS Based Attack Tool for Verification of Robotic System Security

EasyChair Preprint no. 8804

5 pagesDate: September 6, 2022


Robot Operating System (ROS) is a middleware that is widely used in industry and academia. Despite its increasing use, it lacks cyber security measurements. Although it is open source and free software, it increases the preference for ROS, but users need to produce their solutions for security. In this study, the proposed tool is a ROS attack tool focused on performing easy validation tests. The process of developing security methods, which is one of the weaknesses of ROS, is accelerated. Thanks to the modular structure, desired attack methods can be integrated. Therefore, it can be more comprehensive as needed. Attack scenarios can be defined in the attack tool. ROS developers can perform the same consistency every time, according to the defined attack scenarios, how their robotic systems react under an attack, and how well the security measures work. Time is saved thanks to consistent observable test results and automatic testing.

Keyphrases: Robot Operating System, Robotic Security, ROSMonitoring, runtime verification, Security Testing

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