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The Impact of Socially Responsible Human Resource Management (Sr-Hrm) on Sustainable Development in Egyptian Organisations

EasyChair Preprint no. 9613

17 pagesDate: January 23, 2023


: In this paper, we introduced the concept of socially responsible human resource management (SR-HRM) and examined the effects of perceived SR-HRM on Sustainable development (SD), a particular area of research that has developed and grown significantly over the past few years, adding to the expanding academic discussion on what is known as "socially responsible human resource management" (SR-HRM) and how it relates to sustainable development. In order to promote sustainable development, the SRHRM discussion aims to proactively improve workers' work experiences and satisfy their social and personal expectations. However, there is no connection between SR-HRM and its impact on SD that has been raised in the literature, and a complete study has not yet been conducted. This is true despite the growing interest in research about sustainable development. The present paper addresses this shortcoming by conducting an empirical study on 150 samples of employees from different companies between 2020-2021 in Egypt. The results showed that in general SR-HRM has a significant impact on organizational sustainable Development. This contribution is also beneficial for general HR-CSR literature as it stresses the importance of its relations to sustainable development(SD).  By critically analyzing contemporary SRHRM literature, we further demonstrate how studies with utilitarian approaches have dominated earlier research. By recognizing the necessity for process-oriented studies and the significance of critical scholarship within the field of SRHRM and its connections to the SD, we thereby create a research agenda for future studies.

Keyphrases: Egypt, Socially responsible HRM, SR-HRM, sustainable development

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