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Thermal Heat Storage Device Using PCM

EasyChair Preprint no. 5492

13 pagesDate: May 10, 2021


In the renewable energy side. Sun is the mother for all sources and harnessing the solar energy in proper ways can eliminate the energy crisis of the world. To harness the solar energy, collectors are used and for low temperature application side flat plate collectors are used. In solar air heater, solar energy is collected by means of an absorbing plate and the collected heat energy is transferred to heat transferring medium such as air.Solar energy applications require am efficient thermal storage Hence,  the successful application of solar energy depends, to a large extent, on the method of energy storage used. The latent heat of melting is the large quality of energy that needs to be absorbed or released when a material changes phase form solid state to liquid state or vice-versa .magnitude of the energy involved can be Demonstrate comparing the sensible heat capacity of concrete (1.0 kJ/kg with the latent heat of a phase change material (PCM), such as paraffin wax (154 kl/kg). It is obvious that any energy storage systems incorporating PCM will comprise significantly smaller volumes when compared to other materials storing only sensible heat.

Keyphrases: heating, PCM, Renewable, Solar, Thermal–Energy

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