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Investigation on the Application of Unconscious Design in Product Modeling

EasyChair Preprint no. 8190

5 pagesDate: June 4, 2022


Nowadays, with the rapid development of science and technology, in the face of the increasingly fast pace of life, the frequent replacement of technologically innovative products, and the intensification of the aging of the domestic population, people’s living habits are constantly changing. It has to spend a lot of learning costs to form new habits and adapt to new technological products. This is tantamount to aggravating the learning pressure of people’s lives and compressing the time that is not sufficient. This paper firstly studies, analyzes, and sorts out the core ideas and design ideas of the concept of “unconsciousdesign”. Analyze the design products of this design concept, investigate and refer to, extract the core ideas and concepts of “unconscious design” applied to product modeling, and finally combine the research data, extract modeling elements in the process of product design, and combine the “unconscious design concept”. Data analysis and research on materials, colors, and human-computer interaction, adding real and effective design cases to the research of the subject.

Keyphrases: Application, Bionics, industrial design, modeling design, product design, unconscious design

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