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Design, Development, Analysis and Testing of Portable Solar Tracking and Mobile Charging System

EasyChair Preprint no. 8261

5 pagesDate: June 12, 2022


Electricity currently plays an important role in our everyday lives, but the energy sources for electric power have been depleted, forcing researchers to look for an alternative source of power, which led to the discovery of solar energy. Solar energy is renewable and environmentally benign, and photovoltaic panels can convert it to electricity. These panels can be utilised in a fixed configuration or in a single or dual axis solar tracking system. Their efficiency is limited in a fixed form since the panels are slanted at a specific angle, however in a tracking system, the panel is made to move in a single or dual axis. The Portable Solar Tracking project offers rapid and effective tracking in the smallest feasible size and cost, and the system's portability allows it to be used in mobile charging applications as well. The project will involve the design, development, and analysis of the aforementioned system using Unigraphics for solid modelling and Ansys Workbench for analysis. Test and trial on a scaled prototype for a 5 watt power panel will be used to evaluate the system's performance and efficacy in comparison to the existing system.

Keyphrases: Energy shortage, green energy, power crisis, renewable energy, solar energy

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