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The Relationship of Screen Time and Asthenopia Among Computer Science Students Universitas Klabat

EasyChair Preprint no. 3055

6 pagesDate: March 27, 2020


At work, tablet computers (i.e computers, gedget, tablets, smartphones) are technologies that are use as tools to help facillitate daily work. However, exessive uncontrollable usage of them may eventually resulting in health problem targetting that visual organs especially, which one of them was asthenopia as characterized by several symptoms. The purpose of this study was to determine the screen time and asthenopia among computer science students of Universitas Klabat. This is a quantitative study with descriptive correlation's and cross sectional method. Purposive sampling method was use, participated by 44 senior students. The instrument used was asthenopia (eye fatigue), quesioner that had undergone expert vadilation,1.1% (N=23), used computer tablets more than 4 hours and 75.6 % (N=34) , experienced the symtoms of asthenopia, spearman correlation's test result shown a p-value of 0.054 (>0.05), indicating that there is no significant relationship between screen time and asthenopia. Recommendations for future researchers or to be able to examine other factors that can influence the occurence of asthenopia, to all of computer tablets user always do eye rest in order to reduce the asthenopia

Keyphrases: Asthenopia, Computer Science, screen time, students

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