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Distributed Computing Paradigms for Optimization of Mixed Reality Applications in Digital Culture

EasyChair Preprint no. 9966

11 pagesDate: April 14, 2023


Given the wide proliferation of immersive applications nowadays, such as Mixed Reality (MR), broad research is continuously being conducted on their applicability and impact on Digital Culture. Still, most of these applications are time-constrained, requiring heavy computation in order to keep track of the engaged users' navigation and orientation, and in parallel generate high-quality three-dimensional (3D) graphics that are perfectly mapped to their surroundings, a fact that is not easily attainable through standard mobile devices. These issues are exceedingly difficult to address when considering large-scale Cultural Heritage environments, where numerous users are present at any given moment, resulting in fluctuating network conditions and service demands. Motivated by the capabilities offered by the emerging Mobile Edge Computing paradigm, this paper shares insights regarding potential optimization approaches that can be adopted in order to speed up the complex user tracking, area mapping, and 3D rendering processes in Digital Culture. The main goal is to deliver scalable MR applications with constant Quality of Experience guarantees to the visitors, by exploiting existing and elastic infrastructure in close proximity to cultural landmarks within large-scale Cultural Heritage sites.

Keyphrases: digital cultural heritage, distributed 3D rendering, Edge server placement, mixed reality applications, Mobile Edge Computing, Quality of Experience

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