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Buildings Enclosures Coupling by Its Energy Efficiency, Seismic Resistance and Microclimate

EasyChair Preprint no. 5376

8 pagesDate: April 25, 2021


Features of a constructive solution of coupling an external brick wall and reinforced concrete attic flooring of existing low-rise residential buildings forced with a reinforced concrete monolithic frame are studied. A photograph presented shows mold on the intersection zone of the inner surfaces of the external wall and the attic flooring. The calculation of the building frame carried out using the program LiraCAD 2013 on a seismic load intensity of 9 points on the MSK-64 scale. Two-dimensional temperature distributions in the cross section of the enclosures, in particular in the area of thermal bridges, presented as isotherms using the ArchiCAD 20 software package. The multidisciplinary task of ensuring the required seismic resistance, energy efficiency and microclimate of the building has been solved. An expedient constructive solution of the coupling external brick wall and reinforced concrete attic flooring for the reconstruction of existing and design of new buildings is proposed. The dimensions of the cross section of monolithic reinforced concrete columns and crossbars of the building frame and thickness of an additional layer of thermal insulation of the thermal bridge zones are determined. A new mounting unit is developed to attach the pitched roof’s Mauerlat to the anti-seismic belt. Practical recommendations are given that aim to reduce the negative temperature and thermal effects of the thermal bridges. The proposed constructive solutions made it possible to exclude the main causes of violations of sanitary conditions in the premises caused by mold growth on the surfaces of hygroscopic enclosures materials.

Keyphrases: building, energy efficiency, Flooring, microclimate, seismic resistance, thermal bridges, wall

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